As a part of the Something Special Studios team, I helped conceptualize and execute the launch of Nike’s FA20 I.S.P.A collection – an at-home digital experience that introduced I.S.P.A to both the press and public, while maintaining the impact of a live event. We designed an online meeting space comprised of interactive modules and live briefing sessions with members of the I.S.P.A Design Team. These modules – a social asset generator that used an algorithm to create 1-of-1 digital collages, a digital zine made in partnership with Prodism Magazine, a tile game that unlocked a hidden deep-link to the SNKRS app, and more – led to a live webinar on the I.S.P.A ethos and collection, in addition to a community design challenge. Throughout the experience, a Q+A chat tool allowed for live interaction between the I.S.P.A Design Team and guests. I.S.P.A LIVE successfully took the nuances of a live experience – the welcome moment, the social interaction, the entertainment – and injected this energy and journey into the digital sphere.

Completed under the guidance and direction
of Something Special Studios and Nike